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Bumpy ceilings are OUT and smooth ceilings are IN. Ceiling Kings provides ceiling repairs, interior painting, pot light installation and precision trim/moulding work to homeowners like you in Burlington. Improve the look of your interior and the value of your home with our help.

Benefits of Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Burlington

In the city known for beautiful things like the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Burlington Golf & Country Club, it’s nice to do everything we can to improve the beauty of our own home in Burlington. Here’s a few key benefits of how our popcorn removal service helps with this: 

Fresh Clean Ceilings

The Process of Removing Stucco Ceilings:

Prep Work

Furniture should be removed as we seek to cover the flooring with protective paper, and block all air ways (vents, intakes) with plastic to keep dust contained.

Remove Stucco

The ceiling is moistened with water. This helps to reduce dust, and helps to breakdown the stucco. Once wet, we begin to use our scraping tools to remove the popcorn ceiling.

Re-Plaster the Ceiling

Once the stipple/texture is removed from the ceiling, we begin applying layers of plaster to smooth out the surface of the ceiling. Many layers may be added, and we keep an eye out for air pockets.

Sanding Smooth

Smooth ceilings start to take shape when we sand and feather out the plaster finish. It can get dusty during this part, but you’d never know it by the time we’re finished.


Now that the ceiling offers a fresh and smooth canvas, we can prime and paint. Our experience has taught us that Benjamin Moore has the best paint for this.

Clean Up

Time to clean up! Once your ceiling is painted, it is time to make sure there is no mess left behind. A clean home is a happy home, just now with nice ceilings.

Our Favourite Things About Burlington

We get to work in some of the best Kingdoms in the realm.
Burlington has a ton of unique features that keep us coming back for more:

Skyway Bridge

The great link to Hamilton, the Skyway bridge has always amazed me since I was little. Being raised in Southern Ontario, we don’t see many huge bridges. They Skyway is magnificent.

Spenser Smith Park

Spenser Smith Park is located in Southern Burlington, right on waterfront on the south side of Lakeshore Rd. It features some stunning monuments and a Japanese garden.

Burlington Ikea

Not your usual location for a ‘favourites’ list, but, how can you NOT love Ikea? Something about this place keeps calling me back. And yes, it might just be the hotdogs.

Burlington QEW Skyway Bridge

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Ultimately, if you find yourself in need of our ceiling repair services for stucco removal or popcorn ceiling removal, our painting services to touch up your interiors, or our pot light installation services, contact us. We’ll be happy to help all across Burlington!

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