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Need your old fashioned popcorn ceilings removed from your home in Mississauga?
Talk to us, the Ceiling Kings! We are professional stucco removers with a focus on speed and cleanliness. Bring your Mississauga homes value up a notch with our stucco removal and painting services!

4 Great Reasons for Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Mississauga is a wonderful city with lots of things to do (when we can!). However, making your city more attractive starts at home. Increasing your homes appeal and value is part of why we love working with homeowners.

There are still a lot of older homes in this city that were built during a time where stucco ceiling finishes were used HEAVILY… Here are a few key benefits of removing popcorn and stucco ceilings:

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Trust the Stucco Removal Process:

1) Prep Work

Furniture should be removed as we seek to cover the flooring with protective paper, and block all air ways (vents, intakes) with plastic to keep dust contained.

2) Remove Stucco

The ceiling is moistened with water. This helps to reduce dust, and helps to breakdown the stucco. Once wet, we begin to use our scraping tools to remove the popcorn ceiling.

3) Re-Plaster the Ceiling

Once the stipple/texture is removed from the ceiling, we begin applying layers of plaster to smooth out the surface of the ceiling. Many layers may be added, and we keep an eye out for air pockets.

4) Sanding Smooth

Smooth ceilings start to take shape when we sand and feather out the plaster finish. It can get dusty during this part, but you’d never know it by the time we’re finished.

5) Painting

Now that the ceiling offers a fresh and smooth canvas, we can prime and paint. Our experience has taught us that Benjamin Moore has the best paint for this.

6) Clean Up

Time to clean up! Once your ceiling is painted, it is time to make sure there is no mess left behind. A clean home is a happy home, just now with nice ceilings.

3 Things We Love About Mississauga:

Growing up near Mississauga, it was always easy to visit many of the great places I still remember to this day.
Here’s my top 3 favourite places!

Lakeview Golf Course

Lakeview golf course in Mississauga is one of the most mature and photogenic courses in Southern Ontario. With over 100 years as a public golfing destination, few courses have such a history!

Credit Village Marina

Launch into Lake Ontario from this gorgeous marina. Water travel was how this whole area was built and expanded once upon a time. Enjoy Credit Village Marina!

Art Gallery of Mississauga

How can you beat an art gallery with free admission and a variety of exhibits that change throughout the year.

Nighttime Skyline Mississauga

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Our home office is based in Mississauga and we’d love to visit your home to quote on your popcorn removal project. Contact the Ceiling Kings to be treated like royalty!

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