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Professional Stucco Removal & Painting in Oakville, Ontario

Modernize your homes ceilings by removing popcorn ceiling, stucco, and stipple. This old fashioned ceiling finish is outdated and has a number of down-sides. We help homeowners in Oakville increase the value of their homes with fresh smooth ceilings.

Benefits of Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Oakville

Oakville is a fantastic place to live and work. When it’s time to come home, you want to experience all the benefits of a bright and healthy home. Removing popcorn ceiling is another way to gain an edge. Here’s several of the benefits associated with hiring a professional stucco contractor to work on your home in Oakville:

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The Stucco Removal Process

1. Prep Work

Furniture should be removed as we seek to cover the flooring with protective paper, and block all air ways (vents, intakes) with plastic to keep dust contained.

2. Remove Stucco

The ceiling is moistened with water. This helps to reduce dust, and helps to breakdown the stucco. Once wet, we begin to use our scraping tools to remove the popcorn ceiling.

3. Re-Plaster the Ceiling

Once the stipple/texture is removed from the ceiling, we begin applying layers of plaster to smooth out the surface of the ceiling. Many layers may be added, and we keep an eye out for air pockets.

4. Sanding Smooth

Smooth ceilings start to take shape when we sand and feather out the plaster finish. It can get dusty during this part, but you’d never know it by the time we’re finished.

5. Painting

Now that the ceiling offers a fresh and smooth canvas, we can prime and paint. Our experience has taught us that Benjamin Moore has the best paint for this.

6. Clean Up

Time to clean up! Once your ceiling is painted, it is time to make sure there is no mess left behind. A clean home is a happy home, just now with nice ceilings.

Why We Love Oakville

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